cancellation Policy

Motel 61 Sandstone does not hold any payments until the first day of the reservation. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours before any reservation. Any cancellation made before the allotted time will not be charged. Any cancellations made after 48 hours of the reservation will be charged on the first day of the reservation, on the date of the reservation was made.


Smoking Policy

Dear Guest, To protect and enhance our indoor air quality and to contribute to the health and well-being of our guests and employees, Sandstone 61- Motel/by Casablanca strictly forbidden smoking in all guest bedroom and front door. Smoking is prohibited in all the enclosed areas within the Motel room without exception.   Contrary to advising you about our policy on smoking, if a smoking violation occurs in a room, the client will be charged a $250 non-refundable cleaning fee and will be collected via county court of non-payment in addition to costs. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that our guests and employees are not subject to second hand smoke. If we should discover further evidence of smoking in the room you may be refused board and asked to leave.


PEt POlicy

We are a pet friendly motel.

We charge a flat 10.75$ fee per day for each pet.

We allow a maximum of three pets per room.

Guest are expected to be able to control their pets. Management reserves the right to refuse rooms to pets they deem too dangerous or unfit to harbor.